Honourable delegates,

I am incredibly glad to greet you on behalf of the President of the Historical Security Council.

In the fragile system of modern international relations, the politician’s image is an ever-more important commodity. Maintaining diplomatic partnerships is a real art, whereas one wrong decision can often fuel misunderstandings and polarization.

Playing the role of state representatives allows you to better understand the challenges diplomats are confronted with and to offer practical solutions. On the V JMUN we will be in the thick of the beginning crisis in Yugoslavia, where separatist sentiments and inequality shot through the roof in the mid-80s and had stayed for almost two decades.

Beyond the predictions and the myths, one fact remains: there are always enough wise heads in the Security Council to prevent global disaster.

This spring we welcome you to take their place.


Vladimir Melchukov 

President of the Historical Security Council


Dear delegates of the Historical Security Council,

It is a great honor to welcome you on behalf of Vice-President on the V junior model UN of Moscow State University, Faculty of Global Studies.

This year you will have an opportunity to become engaged into discussion of the Yugoslavia question. So get yourself prepared for the hot debates. Daring to become a delegate, you will take your diplomatic skills to the next level applying all possible efforts to tackle the problem concerning Yugoslavia. It is my profound belief that together we will change the past and create some new reality.

The Presidium, in return, will do its best to provide you with the most sapid tasks. I wish all our sessions were constructive and unforgettable.

I am looking forward to meeting you at our JMUN.

Yours sincerely,

Darina Bulatova

Vice-P of the Historical Security Council


Honourable delegates,

It is my pleasure to greet you at our annual Junior Model United Nations!

Participating in any Model UN is a serious undertaking already, but choosing its Historical committee is probably twice as difficult. You are to be aware of one aspect too many, your decisions have to be prudent and every statement weighed. However, the outcome of this event, beside practical experience and a handful of useful contacts, might prove vital to future events if you are to become a major political decision-maker.

Attempting to model a crisis, one aims at not only thoroughly analysing it, but proposing a specific development and eventual resolution. Perhaps, there may be one best-case scenario of a kind suggested by a group of young individuals which might later prevent international community from waging yet another devastating war. In the end, it is us who make history, isn’t it?

On this note, I look forward to meeting you at our Historical Security Council sessions!

Yours sincerely,

Mikhail Larkov

 Expert of the Historical Security Council



Dear delegates,

I am pleased to welcome you to the anniversary model of the United Nations FGP MSU.

Obviously, the participation in our model offers you a huge platform for self-realization: the totality of the new format, the revealed knowledge about the Yugoslav crisis, the diplomatic ability to solve the most important historical events, as well as interesting and useful acquaintances will allow you to expand your outlook in various aspektes. Modeling the still-current agenda is a really complicated matter, requiring special preparation and serious consideration. I am sure that each of you, when you come to our committee, will understand that diplomatic career is staying on the cutting edge.

We promise that by participating in our model, you will undoubtedly feel yourself as a part of the global world, and your decisions will be able to change the life of humanity.

In conclusion, I would like to say that I will be glad to see you in the ranks of our committee.

Sincerely yours,

Daria Evseeva 

Expert of the Historical Security Council


AGENDA: The Yugoslav Crisis, 1991


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