Dear future participants of the 3rd Junior Model United Nations FGS MSU!

Model UN is undoubtedly a unique platform for advancing your public speaking and argumentation skills, increasing and extension of knowledge in the particular topic. But for me, the main goal is different.

As today’s world becomes more and more unstable and insecure place, it is incredibly important to have a common sense and be open-minded on the issues concerning world politics and international conflicts. We all know the statement «From a clash of opinions emerges the truth» - which means that the most burning issues may only be resolved through an open dialog. So, that is highly important to learn how to obtain consensus while having completely different positions, and Junior Model UN provides an amazing possibility to do it.

The Suez Crisis of the year 1956 showed us an example of how the fundamental contradictions between various countries can lead to military face-off in one of the most troubled regions of Earth – Middle East, and how the cooperation of two typically controversial superpowers can contribute to successful dealing with this crisis. Moreover, the after-effects of the Suez Crisis can still be observed in the modern world, which adds up to importance of its analysis.

Therefore I want you, future honorable delegates of Historical Security Council, to put off all your doubts and reconstruct that historical session of the year 1956, immerse into 3 days of tense discussions, reveal your powers, learn essential skills and finally, meet talented and determined people with the same interests.

Let Junior Model UN become one of the brightest experiences of your school life!



Sincerely yours,

Chairman of Historical Security Council,

Vasilisa Eliseeva



Agenda: Situation concerning Suez Crisis, October 31, 1956.

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